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Our Templates can be used to create websites that require

very little server space to display them!


Many firms provide more server space for websites than we do; if this factor is going to influence your decision, bear in mind that our templates have been designed with the aim to reduce the necessity for large server space requirements; for example, in general, photographs need extensive server space, yet, using our templates, you could upload a 10 MB photograph and it will be, automatically, reduced to a manageable size, probably around 30 KB - 50 KB.


If you intend to upload videos, podcasts or hundreds of photographs to your website, then, although you can subscribe for additional bandwidth and server space which will increase your annual subscription, it would be far better for you to sign up with one of the many free web space services that let you upload videos, podcasts etc without cost.

You can have the best of both worlds
by using one of our instant editable websites as your ‘memorable’ contact point, unencumbered with any advertising and include links from it to publicise the location of your videos and podcasts that you can upload to a free web space provider.